Kamis, 16 April 2009

Introducing Adsense for Beginners

Hey folks. I have started a new site dedicated to explaining the fine art of making money online using Adsense. You can find the new blog here; Make Money with Adsense

Due to the overwhelming amount of emails I get requesting help with or needing answers pertaining to Adsense I have decided to start from scratch and lay out the framework for my Adsense system on a site of its own. The posts are targeted to those who have no knowledge whatsoever about this business so keep that in mind if you have been a long time reader. You will have read much of it before - at least the initial posts which cover the basics. While discussing what I do I will also be demonstrating my techniques using the new site as an example of how to tweak it, SEO it and rank it in the serp's. In future I hope to send the new readers to the site for all the info they will need to earn a living with Adsense. This should reduce my emails and solve the problem of finding all the pertinent info on this blog - yes - my navigation here sucks and even I can't find what I'm looking for most of the time. Sorry about that.

The site is built as a sub-domain on Today.com and I am using it in order to demonstrate to my experienced readers my process of building a network. Like always I run the risk of showing to much but the "farm" questions that my last post aroused has led me to realize that many of you need help in establishing your own networks. This site will give you a good idea of how I go about it.

You don't always need to start a new self hosted blog. You don't really need to spend money - there are many free platforms that you can use and the more you use the better. The idea is to spread your sites out across as many C Class IP's as you can. Some sites will be anonymous or use fictitious names. Others will be flagships proudly using your name. A network consists of a variety of blogs, websites, one page sales pages or whatever you can think of. The point is to create a network that you have access to and can control the juice on. It's easy finding backlinks if you have hundreds of sites to choose from...

In any event I won't be discussing "farming" here. I am in the process of helping a "friend" set up a site dedicated to this topic though - I shall let you all know when it is ready.

Until then - go to the new site and leave a couple of hundred comments just to see if we can break Today.com's comment program... lol.

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